Sea Doo Rentals in Newport Beach, CA

The Paperwork

Of course, Sea-Doos aren't the only thing that can be rented out to a large group. Balboa Water Sports also handles rentals for stand-up paddle boards, and the reservation process is essentially the same, as well as the check-in process for the group. As long as the group checks in together, goes out together and comes back together, we're happy to be of service.

Balboa Water Sports offers the best personal watercraft experiences to be found in or around Newport Beach, and we're eager to help our patrons have so much fun that they come back again for another exciting trip. Contact us for further information.

The People

The Possibilities

As much fun as it is to go out on the water on a Sea-Doo, particularly if people have got a friend riding with them, there's nothing quite like getting a group of friends together and arranging a Sea-Doo rental for an entire group.

At Balboa Water Sports, your group can rent Sea-Doos or even better we offer private Guided Rides for groups of three or more Sea Doos. Your friendly guide will take your group from the Newport Beach Harbor and south along the beautiful Southern California coastline to Laguna Beach and back. Riders often see dolphins and sea lions as they make their way by Emerald Bay, Crystal Cove and Corona Del Mar.

Exactly who would benefit from a group Sea-Doo rental? Well, just about any group of people you can think of! For example:

  • Tour groups can gain a far more intimate knowledge of the waters around Newport Beach by actually going out in them rather than looking out from a tour bus or rest stop.
  • As a corporate team-building event, there may not be an experience quite like taking an entire department out on the water and riding together.
  • Whether it's an adventure designed to help strengthen a community group or a simply a combination of like-minded friends wanting to do something different, this is certainly one activity that will have people talking long after everybody has finished their rides.

Sea Doo Group Reservations

For those who are looking at making a large group rental, there are a few points to keep in mind. First, the group really does need to check in together, so make sure there are no stragglers.

If the group is large enough to rent six or more Sea-Doos at a time, and the planned outing is on the weekend, the reservation will have to be the first one of the day. Make sure everybody gets there early. Any reservations booked after the first reservation slot of the day cannot be guaranteed to let everybody go out together on the water as a group.