Our shop is full of merchandise for you to get on a Stand Up Paddle Board on the water. We love to paddle and carry products and brands that we believe in, so whether you have never paddled, are just learning, or an old pro we have the board, paddle, and accessories to fit your needs.

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is a fun and peaceful way to get a great core workout on the water. Our location on Newport Beach Peninsula is ideal with its close proximity to Newport Harbor and the ocean.

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SUP Accessories & Clothing that will make you look good and feel good on the water. These products are fresh, innovative and thoughtful. From leases that are colorful, bags that simplify, and apparel designed for paddling; Howzit has you covered.


Protect your investment with these locking tie-down straps. KanuLocks are made with stainless steel reinforced straps, are easy to lock, and can not be cut with a knife. If you travel with your boards, leave them on a dock, or even simply leave them outside this tie-down strap is for you.

King’s Paddle Sports

These SUP boards are hand crafted in the USA providing superior quality and performance. The attention to detail and design creates remarkable boards that can be used for paddle surfing, racing, or recreational flat-water paddling.

Bounce SUP

This paddle board is 100% made in the USA and uses Thermal Composite Technology to produce a durable board without compromising performance. It is great for families or anyone who doesn’t want to worry about dings or being gentle with their board.


These paddles are not only beautiful they are a remarkable combination of wood and composite materials to create the flex, strength, and feel that you want. They are made in the USA and have options for kids all the way to high-end carbon fiber for the experienced paddler.

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